What is Share the Keys?

Share the Keys is a 60 to 90-minute interactive orientation for parents and teens designed to reduce teen driver crash risk by increasing parental involvement.  The research-based program focuses on ensuring that parents and teens fully understand the Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) laws through this interactive program.  Parents and teens are provided with information, exercises, tools and resources to support them throughout this critical time.

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Who should attend Share the Keys?

The Share the Keys program is a tremendous resource for parents and teens that are about to learn to drive, are learning to drive, or have recently learned to drive.  The program provides invaluable information, tools, tips and resources to support families with teen drivers to be safe.

How can I bring Share the Keys to my school / community?

Share the Keys is available to every community in New Jersey.  If you are interested in bringing the Share the Keys program to your community, you can contact us by filling out this online form and someone will contact you to discuss the specifics and help you get your program scheduled and off the ground.

If you are interested in facilitating the program yourself, you can register for an upcoming facilitator training program by clicking here.

Can anyone be trained to become a Share the Keys facilitator?

Yes! Becoming a Share the Keys facilitator is a fun, engaging and exciting opportunity to make your community safer as well as professional development for driver education and traffic safety professionals.  Bringing important safety messages and supporting your community takes a lot of responsibility and commitment. To support our facilitators, we provide a thorough training program which includes mentoring and support of your successful implementation of the program.

The initial one-day training is free.  Trainings are held at convenient locations, and last approximately 6 hours long. Lunch is provided.

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Once you have completed the training, you will receive a certificate of completion and Certified Educational Units.  To become certified to present the program, you must co-facilitate a program while being observed by a certified STK Instructor. The presentation of the material is as important as the material itself.  Our team will work with you to mentor and coach you on the techniques used to master best practices for the effective facilitation.

While people are learning to facilitate the program, the Share the Keys team will work with you to provide you with support and even co-facilitate with you, until you feel confident enough to do so independently.  All Share the Keys programs should be facilitated by at least two (2) certified facilitators.

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What is a Share the Keys facilitator?

A facilitator is someone who helps people understand their common objectives and assists them in achieving their goals to reach a desired outcome.

A Share the Keys facilitator does this, with the specific intention of helping parents and teens in the Graduated Driver Licensing process, to understand the risks involved and how to avoid them.  Facilitators also provide them with information, experiences and resources to keep their families safe.

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What is a Share the Keys Instructor?

A Share the Keys instructor is an experienced Share the Keys facilitator that has been trained extensively on both the delivery and facilitation of the program and certified to teach and certify others to facilitate the Share the Keys Program.

What is a Share the Keys Regional Coordinator?

Regional Coordinators support development, instruction and delivery of the Share the Keys Program throughout the state, and work directly with Kean University. To contact one of the STK Regional Coordinators, click here.

How long is a Share the Keys presentation?

The Share the Keys program is a 60 to 90 minute program for parents and teens.  Since the format is interactive, the overall length of the program varies by the size of the audience and amount of participation.  In most cases, the program is typically delivered in 75 minutes; however, with larger audiences and interaction, the program will last the full 90 minutes.  This time does not include registration of participants, seating or set-up time.

The presentations are typically held in the evening, and most begin between 6:30 pm and 7:00 pm, and conclude by 8:00 pm or 8:30 pm.  The facilitators always remain afterwards to answer questions and converse with participants.

How often should we host a Share the Keys presentation?

Many schools and communities run the program four times a year.  Typically, Schools often require seniors to attend the program with their parents in order to park on school property and offer two sessions on separate dates to accommodate schedules. One in the beginning of the school year, especially if it is tied to campus parking or driving privileges and another make-up sessions for parents that were unable to attend the first presentation.

These programs are usually open to ALL students and parents.  Teachers often provide extra credit to underclassmen for attending.  (Yes, parents may end up attending more than one presentation over the years since the presentation is constantly updated and improved, this only empowers them with more tools and resources to protect their young drivers.)

Other schools will provide the program over the course of the school year, providing a session every marking period.  Many schools we’ve worked with provide the programs in September, December, February and May.

There is no outside cost to host Share the Keys. The program materials are free, and if you need a facilitator, we can provide that as well.

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What materials are needed to host a Share the Keys presentation? Is there a cost?

The materials required to host a Share the Keys presentation are all provided to the school for FREE!  That means that the only thing you need to do is to provide the venue and promote the event!  The materials provided include:

1) Share the Keys Resource Guide

2) Share the Keys Flyers

3) GDL Brochure

4) A template letter to send to Parents

5) Share the Keys Banner to hang in or outside your school

6) Pens for registration (depending upon availability)

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(If you are already a STK Facilitator, you must log-in to the portal, and request materials through the facilitator materials request form)

How do we promote our Share the Keys presentation?

First, congratulations on making the important decision to host Share the Keys in your community.  You are already on the road to making a difference, and we thank you!

There are many ways to promote the program effectively and efficiently.

If you are doing the program for the first time, you may want to send a letter home to the parents that explains what the program is, how it works, and why we are doing this.  We have a template letter for this, that you can download here, or obtain from one of your facilitators.

We also have a template flyer and a poster that you can provide with the date and time that you print, post and email to parents.  We can provide you with a banner image to post on your website, as well as a link to our website with details for your school’s event.

Many schools will involve local businesses, associations, and other groups to help promote the program as well as promote their services by donating gift cards, certificates, etc. that will be raffled off as door prizes to encourage and reward participation.  Some examples of these include gift certificates from driving schools, car washes, oil changes, car club memberships, driving school gift certificates, and even gift cards for popular restaurants, coffee shops, etc.

Schools also promote the program daily during morning announcements, with an e-blast to parents about the program from the Principal, and even provide extra credit for students that attend with their parents.

The most effective method we have seen is mandating the program tying it into on-campus parking privileges or a specialty parking space. One school even requires it of all Sophomore Driver Education students to receive their “Blue Cards” (the card they receive after passing the written driving knowledge test that allows them to get their learner’s permit).

All of these are great ways to promote the Share the Keys program.  If you would like to discuss what would work for your school, please reach out to one of our Regional Coordinators by clicking here.


Why should be have participants complete pre and post surveys and contact cards?

Share the Keys is a research-based program, and the ongoing development and evaluation of the program is  based on the feedback we receive from parents. The pre- and post- surveys help us determine the effectiveness of the program and guide us in continually improving.  The contact card that we provide during the presentation is also instrumental in the research that we conduct.  In order to truly measure the program’s effectiveness, we want to know how th program has worked for parents and teens over time. We use the information provided to us to exclusively for this purpose by Kean University adhering to research requirements that prohibit us from using the information for any other purpose.

At the end of each STK Presentation, we require that facilitators collect these surveys and contact cards and return them to Kean University’s STK research team. Our Regional Coordinators will assist you with this process.

The Resource Guide was amazing! How can I get additional copies?

The Share the Keys Resource Guide is a wonderful tool that supports families with everything throughout the Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) process. If you would like additional copies of the guide, you can download the latest electronic version here.  Alternatively, if you would like to have a guide mailed to you, you can request one from one of our Regional Coordinators by contacting them here.

Is Share the Keys making a difference?

YES!  According to Kean University’s research, 98% of parents surveyed six months to a year after participating in the Share the Keys Program reported their young driver had not received a GDL or moving violation, and 92% of these same drivers had not been involved in a crash. It’s worth noting that teens are most likely to crash during this time. Even with these fantastic results, our work won’t be done until the day that we completely eliminate the needless death of teen drivers on our roads.

Will Share the Keys provide (or help us find) a facilitator for our presentation?

Yes!  While we would love to train facilitators from your school, we are happy to provide facilitators for your presentation.  The most successful presentations are facilitated by two or three people. Once a date is selected for your presentation, we will gladly coordinate facilitators to deliver your Share the Keys Presentation.

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  • Share the Keys plays an important part in educating new drivers and their parents on how to be a safe driver.  It focuses on, developing proper driving practices and close parental involvement. After all, there is nothing more important than keeping our teens alive.

    Patrolman Craig Hoover East Brunswick Police Department
  • In my opinion the 'Share the Keys' program will save lives of teen drivers by educating not only teen drivers themselves, but just as importantly the parents and guardians who have the greatest impact on enforcing safe driving on a daily basis. The program emphasizes parents and guardians setting good examples for their children as well as encouraging them to have open dialogue and taking responsibility for their teenagers when they hand them a set of keys.

    Matt Wolf Phys-Ed, Driver-Ed Teacher | Middle Township High School NJ.
  • The statistics for teen crashes in New Jersey are staggering.  Share the Keys bridges the gap by imparting the serious nature of responsible driving to teens while reminding parents that driving education doesn’t stop once you hand them the keys.

    Patrolman Craig Hoover East Brunswick Police Department
  • As a law enforcement officer instructing the Share the Keys program, I see considerable value in reaching young drivers, and their parents, as the new driver is  at the highest risk for becoming involved in a crash in the first two years of their driving experience.  The resources and supportive data provided during the 90 minute presentation, give the audience the tools they need to successfully adopt safe driving behaviors.  

    Sergeant Brian Hopely Supervisor, Traffic Safety Unit | Ocean City Police Department
  • The Share the Keys program has been incredibly successful as well as helpful to all who have attended. The feedback from the parents as well as the new drivers has been extremely positive. EVERY new driver should attend.

    Pfc. Thomas A. Di Tullio Washington Twp Police Department | School Resource Officer
  • Share the Keys finds that perfect balance between teaching teens safe driving habits while reminding parents driving education doesn’t stop once you hand them the keys. The continued responsibility of educating teen drivers still rests with involved parents.

    Patrolman Craig Hoover East Brunswick Police Department
  • "Share the Keys" is one of the most comprehensive training program for parents that are about to have a new teen driver.

    Robert Clarke Traffic Safety Specialist | South Jersey Traffic Planning Organization
  • The SHARE THE KEYS program could very well be the most IMPORTANT assembly program attended by high school students and their parents.

    Mike Sandor Supervisor of Health, Physical Education & Driver Safety | Summit High School
  • From a teacher's perspective...Research is telling us STK is a proven winner for parents (involvement lessens crashes). STK is also an effective GDL teaching tool for new driver education teachers and law enforcement.  Parents depend on driver education teachers to be a resource for the GDL. STK provides clarity for safe teen driving behaviors.

    Maureen Nussman VP Health, NJAHPERD | NJ Teen Safe Driving Coalition